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California State Quiz

California State Quiz

Take the California State Quiz
How much do you know about California? Take this fun quiz and see. Do you need to brush up on your California facts?
California State Quiz

California State Quiz

California State Quiz

  1. What is the California state motto?
    Live Free or Die
    Eureka! (I Have Found It)
    Agriculture and Commerce
    Al-Ki (Bye and Bye)

  2. Which attraction is NOT located in California?
    Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Golden Gate Bridge
    Ellis Island
    Yosemite National Park

  3. What is the California state nickname?
    The Bay State
    The Golden State
    The Beehive State
    The Garden State
    The Treasure State

  4. Which three states share a border with California?
    Washington, Oregon, and Nevada
    Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona
    Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona
    Oregon, Utah, and Nevada
    Utah, Nevada, and Arizona

  5. What is the California state bird?
    Black-Capped Chickadee
    Purple Finch
    Northern Mockingbird
    Greater Roadrunner
    Valley Quail

  6. Which city is the capital of California?
    San Francisco
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    Santa Teresa

  7. What is the California state flower?
    Scarlet Carnation

  8. California became the 31st state on ...
    May 29, 1790
    February 6, 1788
    April 30, 1812
    September 9, 1850
    January 6, 1912

  9. The star on the California state flag represents ...
    Military Power
    Good Luck

  10. San Francisco, California is also known as ...
    The Golden Gate City
    The City by the Bay
    Fog City
    All of the Above

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