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Florida State Quiz

Florida State Quiz

Take the Florida State Quiz
How much do you know about Florida? Take this fun quiz and see. Do you need to brush up on your Florida facts?
Florida State Quiz

Florida State Quiz

Florida State Quiz

  1. What is the Florida state motto?
    Union, Justice, and Confidence
    Live Free or Die
    In God We Trust
    Liberty and Prosperity
    Esto Perpetua (Let it be Perpetual)

  2. Which states share a border with Florida?
    Alabama and Mississippi
    Georgia and Alabama
    Alabama and South Carolina
    Georgia and Louisiana
    Louisiana and Mississippi

  3. What is the Florida state bird?
    Northern Mockingbird
    Greater Roadrunner
    Eastern Goldfinch
    Valley Quail
    Western Meadowlark

  4. Which attraction is NOT located in Florida?
    Universal Studios
    Gateway Arch
    Walt Disney World
    Epcot Theme Park

  5. Which city is the capital of Florida?

  6. What is the Florida state flower?
    Mountain Laurel
    Wild Prairie Rose
    Orange Blossom

  7. Which state is located further south than Florida?

  8. Which image does NOT appear on the Florida state flag?
    A Native American Seminole woman
    A yellow and black striped butterfly
    A large steamboat
    A brilliant sun
    A cabbage palmetto tree

  9. What is the Florida state nickname?
    The Gem State
    The Hoosier State
    The Tar Heel State
    The Sunshine State
    The Pine Tree State

  10. Ponce de Leon discovered Florida in 1513 while searching for the ...
    Holy Grail
    Ark of the Covenant
    Rosetta Stone
    Aztec Calendar
    Fountain of Youth

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