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Iowa State Quiz

Iowa State Quiz

Take the Iowa State Quiz
How much do you know about Iowa? Take this fun quiz and see.

Iowa State Quiz

Iowa State Quiz

  1. What is the Iowa state motto?
    L'Etoile du Nord (The Star of the North)
    Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
    Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain
    Virtute et Armis (By Valor and Arms)
    All For Our Country

  2. Which state does NOT share a border with Iowa?
    North Dakota

  3. What is the Iowa state bird?
    Eastern Goldfinch
    Hermit Thrush
    Nene (Goose)
    Greater Roadrunner
    Willow Ptarmigan

  4. Campers and motor homes are manufactured in which Iowa county?
    Winneshiek County
    Worth County
    Woodbury County
    Winnebago County
    Webster County

  5. What is the Iowa state nickname?
    The Treasure State
    The Hawkeye State
    The North Star State
    The Cornhusker State
    The Peace Garden State

  6. Which river borders Iowa on the east?
    Little Sioux River
    North Raccoon River
    Mississippi River
    South Skunk River
    Missouri River

  7. Which city is the capital of Iowa?
    Des Moines
    Silver City
    Sioux City

  8. Iowa leads the country in the production of which crop?

  9. What is the Iowa state flower?
    Indian Paintbrush
    Wild Prairie Rose
    Pasque Flower
    Pink & White Lady’s Slipper

  10. Which animated cartoon has parodied Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic” painting?
    Beavis & Butt-Head
    South Park
    The Simpsons
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    All of the Above

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