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Louisiana State Quiz

Louisiana State Quiz

Take the Louisiana State Quiz
How much do you know about Louisiana? Take this fun quiz and see.

Louisiana State Quiz

Louisiana State Quiz

  1. What is the Louisiana state bird?
    Western Meadowlark
    Brown Pelican
    Purple Finch
    Black-Capped Chickadee
    Mountain Bluebird

  2. Which three states border Louisiana?
    Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
    Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee
    Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi
    Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas
    Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma

  3. Which is NOT a tradition during the Mardi Gras Carnival celebration?
    Doubloons (Large Coins)
    King Cake, topped with purple, green, and gold sugar
    Elaborate costumes and feathered masks
    Throwing beads and trinkets from parade floats
    Kissing a stranger at the stroke of midnight

  4. Vieux Carre, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans is also known as ...
    Bourbon Street
    The French Quarter
    Congo Square
    St. Tammany Parrish
    Jackson Square

  5. What is the Louisiana state nickname?
    The Pine Tree State
    The Centennial State
    The Pelican State
    The Great Lakes State
    The Volunteer State

  6. Which city is the capital of Louisiana?
    New Orleans
    Baton Rouge
    Lake Charles

  7. What is the mother pelican feeding her three chicks?
    Flower nectar
    Night crawlers
    Drops of blood
    Nuts and berries
    Mashed caterpillars

  8. What is the Louisiana state motto?
    Dirigo (I Lead)
    State Sovereignty, National Union
    Excelsior (Ever Upward)
    Union, Justice, and Confidence
    Equality Before the Law

  9. What is the Louisiana state flower?
    Sego Lily
    Pasque Flower
    Yellow Jessamine
    Red Clover

  10. New Orleans, Louisiana is also known as ...
    The Big Easy
    Paris of the South
    The Queen of the Mississippi
    All of the Above

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